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Oz SteamPunk festival favourite Sideshow Annie is more than just a 5 piece rock band. Fronted by the one and only dynamic, flamboyant Gillian Taylor-Reynolds you must ask yourself. "Am I ready for this?". Will you succumb to this Sirens voice that as smooth as silk yet at times, as rough as an uncut diamond and more powerful than a steam train. Backed by a magickal circus of musicians that is both seasoned and charismatic they have prepared a tapestry of sound that will tempt you and carry you away on a guitar based musical trip that knows no boundaries! Their show is eccentric and infused with elements of steampunk, anthemic tunes, and grooves that get you wriggling then tear your little hearts out. A band like no other has done its first rounds touring the USA, Japan, UK and Spain. Get ready for what is coming next!
SideShow Annie was founded in 2005 after winning a local radio songwriting competition. Since then their music has been licensed for television (Home & Away), film (Cannes)and was finalist in the 2017 International Tropfest Short Film "Why Can;t I Sh1t In Peace?". Founders of Sideshow Annie, Gillian and El also perform as a duo, a trio, but are most happiest when playing with this 5 piece band of merry musicians that is "SideShow Annie."
Sideshow Annie is a highly versatile band that can play original and/or cover gigs as required.
Gillian Reynolds - Vocals
El Reynolds - Guitar, mandolin, piano
Matt Skelton - Drums
James Roy - Bass
Wayne Edmunds - Guitar
The 4th album "Big Black Dog" is due for international release on March 16th, 2018. So oil up your gears, charge up your electric wings, get a hussle in your bustle, blow up your multicoloured hot air balloon, and join the sideshow for a grand old fashioned PARTY that you will never forget!

Sample Of Artists Covered

  • Ellie King

  • The Black Keys

  • The Rolling Stones

  • David Bowie

  • Pink Floyd

  • Steve Miller

  • The Beatles

  • Prince

  • The Pointer Sisters

  • The Talking Heads

  • The Kinks

  • ZZ Top

  • AC/DC

  • Aussie Crawl

  • Bruce Springstein

  • The Angels

  • INXS

  • The Doors

  • The Cure

  • Van Morrison

  • REM

  • Robert Johnson

  • Blues Brothers

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Johnny Cash

  • Stevie Wright

  • The Divinyls

  • Violent Femmes

  • Dire Straits

  • Jo Jo Zep

  • Neil Young

  • The Pogues

  • Fats Domino

  • JJ Cale

  • Eric Clapton

  • Michelle Shocked

  • Jayce Everett

  • The Ramones

  • Rose Tattoo

  • The Doobie Brothers

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • And Many More...

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