Saturday, June 15   9.00pm 
Colonial Hotel - Werrington

After 25 years, the original Angels Tribute Show - NO EXIT are on their Reunion tour performing just 12 - 15 concert shows in 12 months. The 4 original members are proud to say that they will be launching a real tribute to the Australian legend himself Doc Neeson this time around as we have found what we believe to be the most authentic sounding Doc Neeson in David Jolly. With the minimum of 25 hit songs to be featured in their 90 minute show, Angels fans can be guaranteed of a great action packed salute to one of Australias major recording band icons. The Angels. Even though the main feature icon Doc Neeson, may not be with us anymore, his songs and his presence will live on for decades to come. Each venue will be performed just the 1 time over the 12 month period so if you see the opportunity to catch one of their reunion shows at a venue near you, then we urge you to grab it, because this will be it folks and its going to be over the top!

Sample Of Artists Covered

  • No Secrets
  • I Ain't The One
  • Shadow Boxer
  • Shoot It Up
  • Take A Long Line
  • Stand Up
  • See Your Face Again
  • Who Rings The Bell
  • After The Rain
  • Dogs Are Talking
  • Night Attack
  • Let The Night Roll On
  • Face The Day
  • Tear Me Apart
  • Marselles
  • Rhythm Rude Girl
  • Be With You
  • No Exit
  • Straight Jacket
  • Can't Shake It
  • Fashion & Fame
  • Comin Down
  • Back Street Pick Up
  • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

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