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Sunday 23/07/2017 Brenton Williams Denman Hotel @ Denman 1.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Darren Rolling Keys Seabreeze Hotel 3.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Deborah Sinclair Edgeworth Sport And Rec Club 2.30pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Klassic Blak Belmont 16 Footers Club 3.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Mark Lee Morisset Country Club 4.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Maryanne Rex Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 2.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Open Mic Day With Kate Keighran Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck 1.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Smoke N Mirrors Royal Hotel @ Singleton 1.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Storm Cellar Catho Pub 1.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 Sunday Soothin Sounds Seabreeze Hotel 6.00pm
Sunday 23/07/2017 The V Dubs Mark Hotel 4.00pm
Wednesday 26/07/2017 Deborah Sinclair Denman RSL Club 11.00am
Thursday 27/07/2017 Kylie Jane Duo Ski Rider Hotel 8.30pm
Thursday 27/07/2017 Sami Bellevue Hotel @ Tuncurry 7.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Acoustic Autograph Minto Mirage Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Arcane Tall Timbers Hotel 7.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Ben Woodham Wangi RSL Club 7.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Darren Rolling Keys Muree Golf Club 7.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Daxton Monaghan Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 James Naldo Plough Inn 7.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Kates Karaoke Long Jetty Hotel 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Layth Gunn Family Hotel @ Maitland 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Outerphase Seabreeze Hotel 8.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Pat Vs Cat Doyalson RSL 9.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Reggie Sinclair Pedens Hotel - Cessnock 8.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Sami Nelson Bay Bowling Club 6.45pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Slam Tango Morisset Country Club 8.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Tangled Up Tilligerry RSL 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 The Core Duo The Bradford 8.00pm
Friday 28/07/2017 The Search Party Greta Workers Club 8.15pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Tim Broadway Albion Hotel @ Singleton 8.30pm
Friday 28/07/2017 Tim Usher Tanilba Bay Golf Club 7.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 2 To The Floor Doyalson RSL 9.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Angie Catho Pub 1.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Brazillian Brothers Avon Valley Inn 8.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Brien Mcvernon Duo Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Grace Fuller The Pourhouse - Maitland 7.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 James Naldo Tilligerry RSL 7.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Kylie Jane Duo Ski Rider Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Layth Gunn Denman Hotel @ Denman 8.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Mardmax Pedens Hotel - Cessnock 8.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Maryanne Rex Stonebridge Golf Club 8.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Ngariki Central Hotel @ Stroud 7.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Outlaw Avenue The Bradford 8.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Real Deal Winmalee Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Recharger Belmore Hotel @ Maitland 9.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Sami Long Jetty Hotel 3.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Slam Tango Singleton Diggers - Alroy Park Complex 7.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Spank N The Monkey Star Hotel - Newcastle 9.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Steel City Royal Federal Hotel 8.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Tangled Up Commercial Hotel - Morpeth 8.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 The Bad And The Ugly Australia Hotel @ Cessnock 7.30pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 The V Dubs Bay Hotel @ Bonnells Bay 9.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 The Years Weston Workers Club 8.15pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Whiskey Business Duo Bellbird Hotel - Bellbird 7.00pm
Saturday 29/07/2017 Your The Star Karaoke Albion Hotel @ Singleton 8.30pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Georgina Grimshaw Denman Hotel @ Denman 1.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Grace Fuller Seabreeze Hotel 3.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Hurricane Fall Catho Pub 1.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 James Naldo Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto 2.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Lennie Live Edgeworth Sport And Rec Club 2.30pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Mardmax Royal Hotel @ Singleton 1.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Murray Byfield Morisset Country Club 4.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Open Mic Day With Casho Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck 1.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Reggie Sinclair Family Hotel @ Maitland 3.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Sami Wangi RSL Club 3.30pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Sunday Soul Sessions Seabreeze Hotel 6.00pm
Sunday 30/07/2017 Tiali Lake Macquarie Yacht Club 1.30pm