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Bob Was Excellent
Manager - Swansea Workers Club - 27/01/2019

Very Good! Great Variety Of Music To Suit Diverse Demographic Of Patrons.
Venue - Swansea Workers Club - 19/10/2018

Excellent, Great Selection Of Songs, Patrons Really Enjoyed Him
Manager - Summerland Sporties - 25/05/2018

Bob Was Excellent
Manager - Blackbutt Hotel - 9/02/2018

Bob Was Excellent
Manager - Commercial Hotel Boolaroo - 15/12/2017

Bob Allan Was Great!
Manager - Lake Macquaried Yacht Club - 24/09/2017

Bob Was Awesome As Always
Manager - Long Jetty Hotel - 19/08/2017

Bob Is Always Great!
Manager - Long Jetty Hotel - 27/05/2017

Bob Allen Was Great!
Manager - Royal Motor Yacht Club - 26/02/2017

Bob Is A Very Good Artist!
Manager - Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck - 9/04/2016

We Had Great Feedback To Bob Allan. He Definitely Knows How To Mesmerize A Crowd. Give Him A Big Pat On The Back. He Is Welcome Here Anytime
Manager - Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto - 3/04/2016

Kathy Dixon - Summerland Sporties - 12/07/2015

Went Down Well And Was Well Recieved.
Venue - Terrigal Hotel - 9/10/2011

Patrons Were Enjoying The Music.
Venue - Terrigal Hotel - 3/07/2011

Bob Allan Was Fantastic And We Would Love To Have Him Back.
Venue - Tunkuwallin Tennis Club - 17/06/2011

Very Good, As Last Time. Worked Well With The Venue And Crowd. Kept The Crowd And Gained Some. Had People Dancing By The End Of His Play. Welcome Back Again.
Venue - Terrigal Hotel - 27/03/2011