This powerful three-piece outfit will transport you back to a time when real rock music ruled the airwaves and venues jumped to hits from the golden age of rock. Remember Ant Music? What about China Grove? How about We Can Get Together … or even vintage INXS Just Keep Walking – WOW! Cherry picking the very best from a long, long list of favourite songs that have earned the brand “classic,” the STP guys put a unique three-piece spin to the hits of the past thirty years, plus a few fave knockout rockers - just for fun. It’s fair to say you’ll know all the words, you’ll rock, and roll... and rock all over again. These guys played through the 80’s, survived the 90’s and are now bringing their energy to the stage again. STP is a tidy three-piece band packs plenty of punch, purpose-built to fit any venue or function powered by recognised players armed with decades of experience and thousands of hours of stage time.

  Style: Band, Rock, Classics, Party Vibe
  Associated Acts: The Fake Four  

Sample Of Artists Covered

  • INXS
  • The Cars
  • REM
  • Aussie Crawl
  • Bryan Adams
  • David Bowie
  • The Beatles
  • Mondo Rock
  • Split Enz
  • The Doobie Bros
  • T-Rex
  • The Romantics
  • The Models
  • Steelers Wheel
  • The Kinks
  • Tommy Tutone
  • Dragon
  • The Sunnyboys
  • Pink Floyd
  • Creedence
  • The Angels
  • John Waite
  • Adam & The Ants
  • and loads more...