Gig Guide for Editorials
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Month Day Date Venue Artist Start
Apr Thu 25 Imperial Hotel - Singleton  Spin Gents  2.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Long Jetty Hotel  Eye On You  TBA 
Apr Thu 25 Morisset Country Club   Junior And Luana  12.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Club Catalina  Jumpin Jukebox  2.30PM 
Apr Thu 25 Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto  Mark Lee  2.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Greta Workers Club  Rock Duty  2.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Morisset Country Club   Bernie  3.30PM 
Apr Thu 25 Sydney Junction Hotel - Hamilton  Soundabout  5.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Edgeworth Tavern  The 3  3.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Singleton Diggers - York St Complex  Sami  1.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Australia Hotel @ Cessnock  Kristo And King  5.00PM 
Apr Thu 25 Tilligerry Rsl  Louis Burt  12.30PM 
Apr Fri 26 The Bradford  Reggie Sinclair  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Halekulani Bowling Club  Brazillian Brothers Duo  7.45PM 
Apr Fri 26 Commercial Hotel @ Boolaroo  Bernie  6.30PM 
Apr Fri 26 Lake Macquarie Yacht Club  Murray Byfield  6.30PM 
Apr Fri 26 Doyalson Rsl  The Georgia Project  9.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Commercial Hotel - Morpeth  Pat Vs Cat  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Edgeworth Tavern  Bad Paris  8.30PM 
Apr Fri 26 Gateshead Tavern  Bliss Bomb  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Long Jetty Hotel  Kates Karaoke  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Mark Hotel  David Mccredie  7.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Plough Inn  Russell Hull  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Tilligerry Rsl  Cover Girls  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Vincent St Kitchen And Bar - Cessnock  Zac And Ben  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Shenanigans @ Imperial - Maitland  Arcane  9.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Swansea Workers Club  Cocktails And Karaoke  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Windale Gateshead Bowling Club  Creedence Show Plus Women Of Rock  7.30PM 
Apr Fri 26 Blueys - Nelson Bay  Brendan Watson  5.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 River Royal Inn Morpeth  Kelly Hope  8.00PM 
Apr Fri 26 Greta Workers Club  Darren Rolling Keys Duo  8.15PM 
Apr Fri 26 Avon Valley Inn  The Core Duo  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Settlers Tavern @ West Gosford  Maryanne Rex  7.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Anna Bay Tavern  Reggie Sinclair  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Mex Club - Mayfield Ex-services  The Leadbellies  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Weston Workers Club  2 Left Feet  8.15PM 
Apr Sat 27 Swansea Rsl Club  Gedupndans Trio  7.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Bay Hotel @ Bonnells Bay  Loose Bazooka  9.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 The Bradford  Under Scrutiny  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Shoal Bay Country Club.  Soundabout  9.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Rutherford Hotel  Bernie  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Denman Hotel @ Denman  Bad Paris  7.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Australia Hotel @ Cessnock  Secret Society  8.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Catho Pub  James Naldo  1.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Commercial Hotel - Morpeth  Allan Freihaut  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Edgeworth Tavern  Brazillian Brothers Duo  8.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Long Jetty Hotel  David Mccredie  3.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Tilligerry Rsl  Simon King  7.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Vincent St Kitchen And Bar - Cessnock  2 To The Floor  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 General Roberts Hotel  Darren Rolling Keys  7.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Blueys - Nelson Bay  Louis Burt  5.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 East Maitland Bowling Club  The 3  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Warners At The Bay  Got It Covered  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 Summerland Sporties  James Naldo  6.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Muree Golf Club  Early Daze  7.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Minto Mirage Hotel  Soul Tatoo  8.00PM 
Apr Sat 27 The Albert @ Tamworth  The Tantrums  9.30PM 
Apr Sat 27 Newcastle Diggers  Layth Gunn  7.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Catho Pub  Fuelstar  1.30PM 
Apr Sun 28 Hotel Cessnock  Slam Tango  1.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Settlers Tavern @ West Gosford  James Naldo  12.30PM 
Apr Sun 28 Hotel Wangi  Andrew G  3.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Lake Macquarie Yacht Club  Louis Burt  1.30PM 
Apr Sun 28 Gateshead Tavern  Paparazzi.  3.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Long Jetty Hotel - The Deck  Open Mic Day  1.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Morisset Country Club   Mark Lee  4.30PM 
Apr Sun 28 Royal Hotel @ Singleton  2 To The Floor  1.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto  Craig Thommo  2.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Shed - Akuna Bay  Sarah Christine  1.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Swansea Workers Club  Kelly Hope  4.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Anna Bay Tavern  Jake Daulby  3.00PM 
Apr Sun 28 Vincent St Kitchen And Bar - Cessnock  Ryan Hemsworth  4.00PM